Layout Options

In addition to the shape or size of panels, the initial design of the layout has to be made. The designer can determine the width and height of the panel but must do so with the fabric width and pattern repeat in mind. Panel sections can be individual sections defined by the track edges or sewing fabric panels together. The use of wide fabrics and railroading, turning the fabric side ways, can allow the designer to create very large panels. Individual panel sections allow for more detail and visual interest, whereas larger sewn panels are generally more economical.

Snap-Tex generally recommends balancing panels of equal size on most walls unless the intent is to create artwork such as a mosaic of fabrics.

Alternate looks can be achieved using various types of reveals such as chrome, wood, laminate, paint, etc.

Horizontal panels or diagonal panels can be substituted or used in conjunction with vertical panels to create graphic designs and creative shapes. Horizontal paneling is also an economical option. Long, continuous, single panels can be run utilizing the full width of the fabric (railroading), covering more area in fewer panels. Snap-Tex has the holding power needed to stretch and tension large areas of fabric.

Given any acceptable fabric we have yet to find any limitation to the panel size that Snap-Tex can handle! There are virtually no limitations to the size that any panel section can be. As mentioned earlier a panel may be larger in width than the fabric supplied by sewing vertical drops of the fabric together to reach the desired single-panel size.

Regardless of the ultimate size of panel sections, fabric must wrap around the Snap-Tex track with at least one inch of selvedge to insert into the track for locking into place. The depth of the track must also be considered in this estimation. The dimension of the fabric for each panel must be several inches larger on all four sides than the actual wrapped panel size. Please keep this is mind during the design phase when considering and estimating fabric selection.

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