Features & Benefits

Inter-locking, biased tensioned jaws: Superior gripping ability! Fabric may be stretched as tightly as needed with no slippage. Snap-Tex IS NOT SUBJECT TO PULLING OUT AND SAGGING DUE TO PEDESTRIAN PRESSURE.

Optional two faced tape: Allows for aligning patterned and woven fabrics while fabric is being stretched.

Simple, one-piece design: Simpler and faster means of installing and securing fabric.

Patented flexible hinge: Our own co-extrusion design feature allows for unlimited flexing of the locking mechanism, and stretching of fabric.

Track is secured to the substrate both on the back edge and inside of the track on the front edge. See illustration below.

More profiles than any competitive system: In our effort to offer the designer greater flexibility, we have developed more in stock profiles and trims to choose from than any other site-built stretched fabric panel system. Snap-Tex continually adds to itís profile line. Custom profiles, trims, and reveals are available upon request.

Truly flush mounted: No track is ever exposed. Snap-Tex is designed to mount fabric flush to wall so even on exposed edges, no track is ever seen!

Track comes in standard 9' lengths, as well as custom lengths: This allows for faster installations, and economic installation costs. Track can be spliced to create any size panel without visible track joints.

Track can easily be re-opened: For cleaning and replacement of fabric by installer.

Fabric is stretched over the substrate, not glued to it:

  • Almost any fabric can be specified
  • Allows for a high tension application

Easy cleaning: Unlike pre-manufactured fabric panels, stretched fabric panel systems are easily cleaned by typical upholstery cleaning techniques.

Components are damage resistant: Stretched fabric held by our interlocking jaws absorbs blows like a trampoline and springs back leaving no sags or dents as evidence.

Patented system is sold to trained dealer/installers both nationally and internationally: Snap-Tex provides a quality installation by trained craftsman. Call 1-800-762-7875 for our dealers in your locale.

System is assembled on site: Perfect detailing, tolerances to ten thousandths of an inch! No field measurement, and then a LONG LEAD time as is required for pre-manufactured panels. Since track is inventoried, construction can potentially commence the day of the design decision. Experienced, trained installers can immediately react to customerís requirements. Since panels are site-installed, they could never arrive damaged!

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